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Rock Band dev Harmonix resurfaces working on Kinect-powered Fantasia: Music Evolved

A whole new world.

Rock Band and Dance Central creator Harmonix has announced its next project: motion-controlled rhythm game Fantasia: Music Evolved for Kinect on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

But rather than dancing broomsticks and pirouetting hippopotamuses, Fantasia: Music Evolved features Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, Bruno Mars' Locked out of Heaven and Avicii's Levels.

Playing as Mickey Mouse, you'll be able to bring life back to worlds - such as an empty ocean sea bed - by gesturing with your body.

The game will allow you to interpret music tracks your own way, picking up subtle body movements and allow you to add synthesised rock, orchestral or brass influences.

"In building a gesture system we wanted to give a lot of freedom to people, so it's not this 'copy what you see on screen' thing, which is what we did with Dance Central," Fantasia: Music Evolved creative director Matt Boch told Polygon. "Here, you're moving rhythmically, and we wanted to give players the sense of freedom of expression.

"With your body, you can choose which hand you're going to use and how big your gestures are going to be."

Is Microsoft counting Fantasia: Music Evolved as one of its 15 upcoming exclusives that appear on Xbox One? We'll likely find out more information next week at E3.

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