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Retailers forecast Halo 2 PC slip

Microsoft looks other way.

Microsoft was unable to comment this morning on rumours that Halo 2 Vista has slipped a week.

It was speaking in the aftermath of several leading retailers changing their listings for the game. European dates shifted from 18th to 25th May, and American schedules went from 8th to 23rd May.

Although it's far from concrete evidence, it's unusual for a retailer to be wrong this close to launch, or to switch away from the publisher-announced release date without reason.

Halo 2 Vista is a PC remake of the phenomenally successful Xbox title from 2004. It will feature new maps and an editor to create your own, as well as some graphical spit-shine and other tweaked bits and pieces.

It'll only be playable on the new Windows Vista, but will support Live Anywhere and have its own unique achievements to unlock.

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