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Respawn wants you to decide which mode gets its "own dedicated playlist" during Apex Legends Season 17

"Which mode is your favourite?"

Apex Legends Arsenal Ballistic Execution Key Art Respawn Entertainment
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn wants you to decide which Limited Time Mode (LTM) should get its "own dedicated playlist" when season 17, Arsenal, drops next week.

Players have until tomorrow, 8th May, to register their vote for either Control, Team Deathmatch (TDM), or Gun Run.

Apex Legends - Stories from the Outlands: Encore trailer.Watch on YouTube

"We’re letting the community decide which Limited Time Mode should get its own dedicated playlist during the first in-game event coming in Arsenal!" Respawn explains in a tweet.

"Choose from Control, TDM, or Gun Run. Which mode is your favourite? Vote and you might be able to play it to your heart's content throughout the duration of the event."

You'll be able "to see which mode the community chose" when the results of the vote will be published on "Apex Legends channels" on 18th May.

Apex Legends: Arsenal, the 17th season of the ever popular battle royale, will land on Tuesday, 9th May. Alongside map changes, a new mastery system, and evac towers, we're being treated to a brand new Legend to kick this season off with a bang, August "Ballistic" Brinkman.

Respawn Entertainment has opened a third development studio as part of its plans to make its free-to-play battle royale title Apex Legends a "10, 15 years or more" franchise.

Respawn's newest studio - which will operate alongside existing teams in Sherman Oaks, California and Vancouver, British Columbia - is based in Madison, Wisconsin, and will predominantly be focussed on supporting the development of Apex Legends' live service operations.