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Resistance games get Home/Trophy support

"That's the plan," says Insomniac's Ted Price.

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Insomniac Games' Ted Price has revealed that Resistance 1 and 2 will both support PlayStation Home and the PS3's upcoming Trophy system.

"That's the plan," said Price, in answer to a question from QuackPot as part of our latest live interview.

PlayStation Home will allow users to set up and launch multiplayer games from within its confines, and it sounds like that will apply to both the Resistance titles, the second of which is due out in November.

The news that R2 will also support Trophies is likely to fuel discussion among PS3 devotees. Sony has so far dodged talk about Trophies, despite it being an open secret that the platform holder craves an alternative to Microsoft's popular Gamerpoints system.

(Update, 11th June: Insomniac has since said that Ted was only referring to Resistance 2 when he made this comment. See elsewhere for a proper explanation.)

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