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Insomniac clarifies Trophy/Home comments

Resistance 2 support, not Resistance 1.

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Insomniac Games has said that while Resistance 2 will have Trophy and PlayStation Home support, the features won't be added retrospectively for Resistance: Fall of Man.

Last week, during our live interview with Insomniac, CEO Ted Price was asked whether Trophy and Home support would be available for both Resistance games.

"We didn't notice the R1 in there, and while we are planning on the support for R2, we have no plans to update Resistance FOM [in this manner]," Insomniac told Eurogamer today.

Resistance 2 follows the continuing heroics of Nathan Hale in the face of the growing Chimeran threat, and features two campaigns - a regular single-player game of comparable length to the original first-person shooter release, and a separate eight-player co-operative mode. There will also be online multiplayer with support for up to 60 players.

The full game's due out in Europe this November.

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