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Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D for July

Nintendo distributes shooter in Europe.

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Nintendo will release Resident Evil spin-off The Mercenaries 3D in Europe this July.

The 3DS shooter sees Capcom's cast of Resident Evil characters topping waves of zombies against the clock, chaining kill sprees for higher points.

The Mercenaries has existed in several full Resident Evil games as a bonus mode. Mercenaries 3D is its first standalone outing.

How has gameplay been expanded? Capcom highlights the new Skill Slot feature as one example. Players now fill three skill slots to customise characters with upgrades. That could mean a faster reload time or a new melee ability.

Series regulars Chris Redfield, Krauser, Hunk, Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Albert Wesker and Claire Redfield have been confirmed as playable so far. What, no Leon?

A recent trailer pegged The Mercenaries 3D with a North American release date of 28th June.

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