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Resident Evil 2 fan remake shown off from start to finish

Capcom, give this guy a job!

Resident Evil 2 fan Rod Lima has completed a full remake of Capcom's survival horror classic using Unreal Engine 3.

An earlier version utilised Resi 4-style shooting.

A walkthrough of the build is available to view below, where Lima plays from start to finish.

Sadly, it looks like this footage of the remake is the closest that we'll ever get to playing it.

The project won't be released publicly - Lima built the game to teach himself how Unreal Engine works.

Eurogamer originally reported on the Lima's work last April, when he had already completed key sections of the game.

At that point the remake's levels played like Resident Evil 4, with an over-shoulder camera, but Lima has now replaced this with Resi 2's classic fixed camera angles.

The game uses 3D environments found in the on-rails Wii shooter Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, portions of which cover the events of Resi 2.

Lima then recreated the original game's weapon, inventory and save systems, before merging in its sound effects and cutscenes.

"I own nothing here except the UnrealScript that I wrote. Everything else belongs to their respective owners," Lima explained.

"It's an education project neither Capcom or Epic Games approves/knows it."

Capcom recently re-released Resident Evil 1 for PC and consoles, although this version is based off the more recent GameCube remake. Resident Evil 2 never received that treatment, despite several straight ports.

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