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Resident Evil 2 fan creates RE4-style remake

Darkside Chronicles tech mixed with original assets.

A Resident Evil 2 fan has recreated key sections of Capcom's classic survival horror to play like Resident Evil 4.

Gone are the original game's fixed camera angles - replaced instead by the 3D environments seen in the RE2 sections of Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles (thanks, Game Informer).

Budding programmer Rod Lima borrowed environments and character models from Capcom's on-rails Wii shooter, then patched in new inventory and weapon systems.

Sound effects and cutscenes from the original Resident Evil 2 have also been merged in.

The original Resident Evil was remade for the GameCube but - despite several digital re-releases - Resident Evil 2 has never been actively updated. The sections re-creating some of its events in Darkside Chronicles are the closest Capcom has come to returning to the game.

It's unclear if Lima will work further on the project - at the moment it seems he has no plans to convert the entire game.

"I'm not planning on do a Resident Evil 2 remake, (there's already other groups taking it serious). I made this only to see some codes actually working. And as the result was good, I decided to do a video. Just that," he said.

"I was fooling around with Darkside Chronicles animations. I started doing some basic moves, did some inventory HUD, some inventory weapons... Anyway it is pretty good. I'm not planning on do something big, but is fun to walk around on Raccoon City, RE4 style."

Cover image for YouTube videoResident Evil 2 Remake -fan UDK project- Resident Evil 4 gameplay style.
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