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Resi Evil Wii still for 2007

Not dead. Well, not like that.

Little-discussed Wii survival horror title Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is "still on track for 2007 release" according to Wired's game|life blog, which heard from Capcom in the aftermath of Treasure Island Z's announcement last week.

Details of the Wii Resi are still very sketchy, although there have been suggestions that it borrows sections of the original Resident Evil and allows you to play through them from a Resident Evil 4, over-the-shoulder-style perspective.

The point of Capcom's reiteration of the release date, though, is that the publisher wants it to be clear it has more than one Wii game in development. Indeed, the Capcom spokesperson went on tell Wired that Devil Kings 2 is also in development for the system, and "at least one" other Wii title set to be unveiled "in the next few weeks".

For more on the one we do know things about, check out our Project Treasure Island Z story and gallery, and if you want to know (ever so slightly) more about Umbrella Chronicles, keep an eye on the gamepage.