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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Old Friends, The Aftermath of Genesis

How to complete Old Friends and The Aftermath of Genesis in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2's Old Friends and The Aftermath of Genesis are missions from the game's first chapter.

For more help, our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough explains the requirements for fully completing the game's many story missions.

Old Friends

Old Friends objectives:

  • Catch and hogtie Kieran within 45 seconds
  • Kill 3 O'Driscolls in the same Dead Eye use
  • Complete within 15 minutes 30 seconds
  • Get 15 headshots
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items
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Follow the gang until you reach the top of the hill overlooking the camp. When prompted, grab your rifle from your horse, and follow them down to the settlement.

When you're in position, fire when ready. It's a pretty standard shootout - remain behind cover at all times and push forward when you think it's safe, and if you're struggling to spot enemies, remember the reticle will turn red when you're aiming at someone.

More will come from the trees after looting some bodies, and you'll be taught how Dead Eye works, too. Once all clear, you'll be told to search a house. The one you're looking for is south of where your gang gather - check the dynamite box in the corner.

On the way back to camp, you must chase after someone who escaped the shootout. As prompted, lasso them (wait until you are close enough that the reticile goes red) and don't forget to keep holding the left shoulder button when you get off the horse. Now, follow the mini-map directions back to camp to complete the mission.

If you haven't already, now complete the other mission - The Aftermath of Genesis. Once those are both done, you'll automatically start Who the hell is Leviticus Cornwall.

The Aftermath of Genesis

The Aftermath of Genesis medal objectives:

  • Kill each deer with one arrow
  • Do not spook either deer
  • Get a clean kill on the second deer

Follow Charles until he finds the scent of dear. Get off your horse, grab the bow and proceed onward.

As instructed, use the eagle vision by clicking in the two sticks to follow the scent. Broadly you need to keep the stream to your left, and soon enough, you'll find deer. Aim for the head and you'll get a successful kill.

Approach the dear corpse and use the vision again, instructing you to go over the river.

Once you do, keep it close to your right until you come to another two. Though the game advises you can call out with Square (or X on Xbox) you don't need to - you can go for a headshot if you like.

The PC version has seen several new additions, including a photo mode, Landmarks of Riches Treasure Map, The Elemental Trail Treasure Map and the End of the Earth mission. If you're looking for more help in general, our Red Dead Redemption 2 mission list walkthrough can help provide pointers with the story. If you're looking for things to find, there are Killer Clue Piece locations, High Stakes Treasure Map locations, Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map locations, Red Dead Redemption 2 Le Tresor Des Morts and the Poisonous Trail Treasure Map locations too. Our in-depth systems explainers includes hunting perfect pelts, hides and skins as well as all Legendary Animal locations and Legendary Fish locations, or all Gunslinger locations, too. Finally, here's a list of Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat codes .

With two deer down, grab one and call your horse by pressing down on the D-pad. On the way back, you'll encounter a bear. Wait there for Charles to press ahead, and follow behind him to avoid an encounter.

From here it's just chat back to the camp. Tether your horse then take the deer to the cook to complete the mission.

If you haven't already, now complete the other mission - Old Friends. Once those are both done, you'll automatically start Who the hell is Leviticus Cornwall?.

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