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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Outlaws from the West, Enter, Pursued by a Memory

How to complete Outlaws from the West and Enter, Pursued by a Memory in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2's Outlaws from the West and Enter, Pursued by a Memory are missions from the game's first chapter.

For more help, our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough explains the requirements for fully completing the game's many story missions.

Outlaws from the West

Outlaws from the West medal objectives:

  • Take no damage during the shootout
  • Loot 5 or more items from Adler Ranch
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy
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Follow the on-screen prompts to learn how to control the horse, following the Dutch through the snow until you bump into Micah. When you ride towards your destination, you can pull up alongside the lead horse and hold L2 for some additional dialogue options, if you fancy.

When you arrive, you're told to hide in the shed. This is the cattle shed on the left - not the outhouse with the light on ahead of you - so go left around the back, and crouch inside.

When prompted, pull your weapon and start a firefight - the enemies should be easy to clear, and don't forget to try and pick off the straggler that springs through the snow to the north.

After the firefight, enter the house, pick up food from the left side, and replenish your health and health core as instructed. There is more supplies up the ladder, then return outside when done.

Next, investigate the barn to the south-east for a tutorial interrogating an O'Driscoll. It's up to you whether you spare him or not. Grab your gun and hat (the radar shows their locations if you're struggling) then calm the horse as prompted.

Enter the barn afterwards for a long cutscene.

Enter, Pursued by a Memory

Enter, Pursued by a Memory medal objectives:

  • Kill all the wolves without taking any damage
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy

Follow Javier wherever he goes up the cliffs, and get off the horse when prompted by the cliffside. To get the shotgun, you have to hold multiple shoulder buttons (hold L1 or left bumper, then R2 or right trigger) - it's a little fiddly, but do as prompted and you'll pick it up.

Continue playing, and after the linear section, you'll come to some wolves. Make sure you hold the shoulder button before pressing Square (or X on Xbox) to distract the wolves, otherwise you'll just leap in the snow. With them on you and still holding aim, fire at each one to take them down.

You'll have more to kill while riding back on the horse. It's more difficult to aim at speed, but if you crash into them, you can block them from the other horse, or even run them over.

The PC version has seen several new additions, including a photo mode, Landmarks of Riches Treasure Map, The Elemental Trail Treasure Map and the End of the Earth mission. If you're looking for more help in general, our Red Dead Redemption 2 mission list walkthrough can help provide pointers with the story. If you're looking for things to find, there are Killer Clue Piece locations, High Stakes Treasure Map locations, Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map locations, Red Dead Redemption 2 Le Tresor Des Morts and the Poisonous Trail Treasure Map locations too. Our in-depth systems explainers includes hunting perfect pelts, hides and skins as well as all Legendary Animal locations and Legendary Fish locations, or all Gunslinger locations, too. Finally, here's a list of Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat codes .

Head back to camp to complete the mission. How there are two nodes on the mini-map, indicated two missions - Old Friends and The Aftermath of Genesis. Complete them in any order you like, then progress on to Who the hell is Leviticus Cornwall?.

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