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Ratchet and Clank: Nexus confirmed for November

Insomniac's budget-priced epilogue "ties a bow" on the PS3 era.

Ratchet and Clank: Nexus will release in Europe online and at retail on 13th November, developer Insomniac has confirmed via the official PlayStation blog.

The game is a budget-priced epilogue to the duo's Future series, which encompasses the wonderful trilogy of Tools of Destruction, Quest For Booty and A Crack in Time. We're promised "an all-new story, an all-new arsenal, and all-new gadgets”.

"Some of you have asked us why we made a shorter Ratchet game," says the post by James Stevenson, Insomniac's Senior Community Manager. "The truth is, we relished this ability to tie a bow on the PS3 era of Ratchet with a shorter title. All of us love the Ratchet universe - and after 12 years developing the series, it feels like a very close friend.

"We have a lot of stories to tell, some longer, some shorter. This one felt just right. It's a very polished self-contained return to the Ratchet adventures of yore. It's impactful, too; filled with planet-hopping, guns blazing, joke-cracking Ratchet & Clank, and events happen here that will change Ratchet forever. Think of it as a small epic."

There'll be a pre-order bonus at participating retailers. Sign up before launch and you'll get Ratchet's Pyronox Armour, which offers five percent damage reduction.

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