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Rare ignores GoldenEye XBLA rumblings

Won't say a dickie.

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Rare has rather predictably refused to say anything about GoldenEye making its way to Live Arcade.

Rumours swept from an Xbox Evolved piece claiming Microsoft, Rare, and Bond licence holders Activision had agreed to offer it on the service.

Evidence was, well, sketchy - based upon "very reliable sources" and promises the site had seen it with its own eyes.

If this does all turn out to be true, then you should apparently expect polished presentation and Live multiplayer from the N64 classic.

Speculation also suggests Rare will unleash more of its back catalogue after GoldenEye, pointing at hits like Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie.

Or they could make another Viva Pinata! That's what we'd do! Listen to us, Rare!

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