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Rampage movie "along the lines" of Independence Day

Midway's 1980s arcade game set for big screen.

The makers of the Rampage movie hope to make a film franchise along the lines of Independence Day.

Writer Ryan Eagle (On a Clear Day) has signed on for the movie of the 1986 Midway arcade smash 'em up, according to Variety.

In the game you played one of three giant monsters and trashed cities while fending off the military. There was a story, of sorts. The three monsters were once humans, mutated into a giant Godzilla-like creature, a giant werewolf and a giant gorilla.

Producer John Rickard (Nightmare on Elm Street, Horrible Bosses, Final Destination 5) hopes for "significant" merchandising tie-ins from the film. Warner Bros, which bought Midway in 2009, owns the IP, and New Line is making the film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rampage is a "priority" for the studio.

Will there be a Rampage: The Game game? The most recent entry in the franchise was dismal PS2/Xbox/Wii effort Rampage: Total Destruction in 2006.

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