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Rampaging return for Midway

Rambooked in for PS2, Cube.

Midway has once again brought back its violently endearing Rampage series, with a new title in the works: Rampage: Total Destruction [Of The Use Of Colons To Precede It, probably - Ed]

Developed by Pipeworks Software (which has also worked on Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee… but shhhh, we'll let that pass), Total Destruction is going back to its roots by reworking the very first, original arcade game, which has you assuming control of three giant beasts: Lizzie the lizard, hulking werewolf Ralph, and giant gorilla, George.

Then you basically smash stuff up, eat any puny humans that get in your way, scale skyscrapers and generally go all King Kong on a city. Without an implied simian/monster/human love subplot, of course. No such soppiness or troublesome sentiment here, just lots manly killing and destruction. Midway also promises a number of bonus monsters to unlock, combo attacks and individual super moves to mix things up nicely.

Expect the Rampage to start again next spring in the US, on PlayStation 2 and GameCube. Although Midway's European reps couldn’t provide us with a UK release date at the time of writing, we'd expect a mid 2006 release at the latest.