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Psychological thriller The Town of Light gets February release date

Bright idea.

First person psychological thriller The Town of Light will launch via Steam on 26th February 2016, developer has announced.

The Town of Light was originally due to arrive this year, but has been delayed to ensure its story and gameplay live up to expectations.

The experience will focus on the psychological impact of early asylums and their effects on patients - rather than just a spooky game with jump-scares like most Steam horror games.

"There are a few moments when you can get scared, but it's more suggestive," explained to Eurogamer in our recent look at the game, screenwriter Luca Dalcò told Eurogamer. "It doesn't have jump scares. It's not a horror in the classic definition of the term."

The Town of Light is set in a virtual recreation of real-life Italian asylum Volterra, which shut down in the 1970s after its practices were labelled cruel.

See new footage of the game in today's new trailer, below:

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