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PSP's Exit heading to XBL

Re-entry permitted.

Taito's entertaining PSP puzzler Exit is on its way to Japanese Xbox Live Arcade.

According to Famitsu, in an article partly translated by IGN, the XBL version will retain the original's 2D perspective and artwork, and go for 800 Microsoft points when it arrives this summer.

That's GBP 6.80 or EUR 9.30 in real money, which is information we're putting on its own line because there isn't much else to say.

Exit sees players trying to lead escapologist Mr. ESC out of various locations without getting done over by obstacles. You also have to rescue people along the way. Fortunately the game's pretty good, because we usually wouldn't bother.

For more, read our Exit review, which sits handsomely on our Exit gamepage.

We'll let you know as soon as there's news on Exit's European or US prospects.