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PSP action replays at Arsenal FC in 2010

Sony app already tested, Reuters reports.

Reuters reports that football fans at Arsenal could be able to watch action replays and access match statistics on their PSPs from the end of the 2009-2010 season.

Arsenal's commercial director Adrian Ford said that a Sony-developed application would allow live streaming video, statistics and near-instant replays.

Many English football clubs in the Premier League and the Championship have big-screen replays of goals but personalised video would be something else entirely.

"This device will brings an extra dimension to the game with information and statistics," Sony's director of retail, transport and venues Eric Siereveld told Reuters.

He also said it could be used to link supporters together during the game. You have joined #Ultras!

"There are a few rights issues that we have to overcome but on the basis that we do that, we think it's a product we can offer to our fans within the next 18 months or so," he said.

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