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PSA: There's a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription discount for Black Friday

UPDATE: Confirmed. Like and subscribe?

Sony has now officially announced its Black Friday discounts for PlayStation Plus subscriptions, with 25 percent off each of the program's three tiers.

The official details match those we reported earlier this week, and see PlayStation Plus' Essential offering cut to £37.49 for a year rather than £50. A year of PlayStation Plus Extra is £63 instead of £84. PlayStation Plus Premium is £75 instead of £100.

All of these offers are now live, and are expected to be available until 28th November. If you've been on the fence so far, are these sale prices enough?

Here's a quick public service announcement for anyone seeking to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, including its pricier Extra and Premium tiers.

We're expecting Sony to slash the price of its subscriptions in time for Black Friday by 25 percent - making a year's worth of PlayStation Plus Premium cost £75 instead of £100.

Word of the upcoming deal comes from Dealabs, which has accurately given advance notice of Sony's monthly PlayStation Plus game line-ups for over a year now (thanks, VGC).

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Dealabs' billbil-kun reports that Sony is set to discount 12-month subscription packages for each tier of PlayStation Plus from 18th November until the 28th.

PlayStation Plus Essential - the service's rebranded base tier - will cost £37.49 / $45 / €45 for a year instead of £50 / $60 / €60.

PlayStation Plus Extra - which includes a catalogue of newer games - will cost £63 / $75 / €75 for a year instead of £84 / $100 / €100.

PlayStation Plus Premium - which adds an additional selection of retro games - will cost £75 / $90 / €90 for a year instead of £100 / $120 / €120.

Sony has offered seasonal discounts on its PlayStation Plus subcription pricing before, but not since the service was relaunched this year, and expanded into separate (and pricier) tiers.

The offering has gained a mixed reception from fans, with some criticism levelled at its confusing selection of benefits, as well as at the selection and frequency of classic games.

Sony recently revealed that it had lost around two million PlayStation Plus subscribers over the past 12 months, though was now generating 10 percent more subscription revenue overall - suggesting a decent proportion of people have upgraded to pricier tiers.

November's PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium offerings include games from the Kingdom Hearts series, as well as Oddworld, Rainbow Six Siege, and Microsoft role-player Skyrim.