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PlayStation Plus subscriber numbers down by 2m despite revamp

Game sales also down year-on-year, as PS5 passes 25m consoles shipped.

The number of people subscribed to PlayStation Plus has dropped by two million over the past year, despite Sony's big summer revamp of the service and the launch of several new pricing tiers.

PlayStation Plus had 45.4 million subscribers as of 30th September this year, down more than two million from the 47.2 million signed up at the same point in 2021.

Sony relaunched its PlayStation Plus subscription in June, when it split the service into three tiers and launched a Game Pass-style catalogue of games for those paying more.

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How many have opted into these higher-priced tiers? Sony does not say, though it does note that subscription revenue improved slightly - by around 10 percent - suggesting a decent number of people upgraded.

Still, the fact remains this is the third quarter in a row Sony has seen a drop in PlayStation Plus subscriber numbers.

Other details from today's latest round of financial results show that Sony has now shipped 25m PlayStation 5 consoles worldwide.

Sony shipped just over 3m PS5 consoles in the last three months, which is a similar amount to this time last year.

Game sales were down year-on-year for the three months ending 30th September, with 62.5m PS4 and PS5 games sold (down 13.9m from last year), including 6.7m first-party games (down 900k from last year).

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