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PS3 to get new music visualiser

Create your own images with .deTuned.

Sony has unveiled a new music visualiser program in development for PlayStation 3.

As SCEA's Rusty Buchert explains over on the US PlayStation blog, it's titled .deTuned and is the brainchild of demoscene stars .theprodukkt.

".deTuned is a bit of an odd beast that offers an abstract and surreal interactive experience like nothing else," says Rusty. It's "not exactly a game or an art piece like Linger in Shadows", but lets you "create your own visual to accompany your favorite music tracks on the XMB".

Then, using the Sixaxis, you can "manipulate the given scene by interacting with and modifying a man and his world". You can even tweak your music as you play, too.

A release date for .deTuned has yet to be announced. Here's hoping that it won't be too long before it's available to play with, and that you won't have to be on too many drugs to make playing with it worth the effort.