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PS3 Alone in Dark not delayed

Atari offers explanation.

Atari has told Eurogamer this afternoon that the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark hasn't been delayed after all, but will launch simultaneously with the PC and 360 games.

The PS3 version didn't appear on the publisher's most recent release schedule and a spokesperson told us in response to a follow-up query that "[the 360 and PC versions] are the first to be released".

But now Atari has explained it's all been a misunderstanding - and AitD PS3 should have been listed on the schedule all along.

Alone in the Dark is yet to be given a solid launch date, and currently swims in the crocodile infested waters of "Coming Soon Financial Year 2007/08", which could mean any time between now and next March.

We'll let you know when it re-emerges. Chomp.