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Probably the best RPG character sheet in the world

Pillars of Eternity, you are really spoiling us.

There's nothing that says 'old-school RPG' like a deliciously deep, stat-laden character sheet - and Pillars of Eternity appears to have exactly that.

A screenshot was shared by developer Obsidian during a new year update on the game's website. (I also spoke to project lead Josh Sawyer about the game recently in a long interview that will be served on a written platter soon.)

What we see in the screenshot are basic stats for an 8th level Paladin (that's quite high relative to the game's level-cap) of the Godlike race Hylea.


On the left-hand side, and part-way down the centre, are attribute scores and the various bonuses they bestow. There are active effects from buffs, abilities and trinkets, and that's just the tip of the iceberg - the list scrolls!

On the right-hand side are Party Stats - that is, reputation scores and stat trackers. Apparently this character has an "Elapsed Time" of 73 days!

There are other tabs we don't see, such as Detailed Stats and Abilities and Personal Data. You can Export your character too, presumably for friends to marvel at.

Obsidian also shared an image of a ruins near a new city it's building called Twin Elms, plus a render of a banshee-like Cean Gŵla enemy, to show how close to concept it turned out.

Pillars of Eternity will be released this year.

Oh it's ruins.
Altogether now: Cean Gŵla.