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Prey 2 studio has taken over development on TimeGate's Minimum

Third-person shooter/RTS hybrid coming this spring to Early Access.

Prey developer Human Head received quite a bit of attention in 2011 for its snazzy-looking sci-fi sequel, Prey 2, but unfortunately that project wasn't coming together as planned and publisher Bethesda pulled the plug. Now Human Head has resurfaced with a new game en route to Steam Early Access. It's called Minimum and its a third-person competitive shooter/RTS hybrid that looks a bit like Titanfall made out of Legos.

If that name sounds familiar to you, that's because Minimum was announced before under a different developer. It was birthed by TimeGate Studios, the Section 8 developer that caught a lot of flak after co-developing the mess that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. Shortly after TimeGate announced Minimum in April 2013, the studio filed for bankruptcy.

Minimum was presumed canned at that point, but here it is, almost exactly a year later under a different developer.

This time out Atari is publishing and is planning a spring PC release on Steam Early Access.

As for the game itself, Minimum pits two teams of five against each other in an effort to destroy their enemies' base. Both teams have a titan at the center of each battle and by collecting resources from autonomous energy gathering units called Creeps, you power your team's titan. There will also be a robust crafting system as you'll be able to customise armour, weapons and structures.

See Minimum in action in Human Head's announcement trailer below, and find more details about its unique systems on its official site.

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