Prey 2 studio has taken over development on TimeGate's Minimum

Third-person shooter/RTS hybrid coming this spring to Early Access.

Prey developer Human Head received quite a bit of attention in 2011 for its snazzy-looking sci-fi sequel, Prey 2, but unfortunately that project wasn't coming together as planned and publisher Bethesda pulled the plug. Now Human Head has resurfaced with a new game en route to Steam Early Access. It's called Minimum and its a third-person competitive shooter/RTS hybrid that looks a bit like Titanfall made out of Legos.

Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developer TimeGate Studios announces free-to-play shooter Minimum

TimeGate Studios may have gotten a lot of flak for its role in co-developing Aliens: Colonial Marines with Gearbox, but when it wasn't being outsourced to tidy up the Dallas studio's red-headed stepchild, it made some pretty decent games like Section 8. Now it's revealed its next title, a PC-exclusive free-to-play third-person shooter called Minimum.

As detailed on its official site' FAQ, Minimum "hearkens back to old-school classics like Contra and Raiden," in that it has a power-up system where collecting gun upgrades makes your weapon more powerful (up to five levels), but getting killed strips you of your gear and you'll respawn with a simple pea shooter.

During each match two giants representing each team will battle to the death. There's even a Titan Mode where players power their team's titan by collecting energy dropped by fallen creatures in the environment.

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