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Premium F.E.A.R. maps on Live

Four for just over four quid.

F.E.A.R. fans can now pick up the Nightmare Pack for the Xbox 360 version of Monolith and Day 1 Studios' nerve-shredding FPS, providing they're willing to fork over the requisite 500 Microsoft points (GBP 4.25 / EUR 5.82).

The pack offers four new maps. Heliport is described as a haven for Conquer All and CTF game-mode fans with its emphasis on close-quarters combat, while Spill Kill takes you for a trawl through sewers and spill-ways.

Deathmatch and Control fans, meanwhile, are catered to - appropriately enough - in Cafeteria, while an abandoned mental institution provides the backdrop to Asylum, which is equally suitable.

The pack weighs in at 260MB, byte-thrifts, and complements the recent free release of the Control and Conquer All pack, which brought with it a range of enhancements and additions detailed elsewhere on the site.