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Predict the future in new MMO

Forecast the events of 2019.

The Institute for the Future has launched a massively-multiplayer online game to chronicle the world of 2019, and help overcome some of the silly old problems we might face getting there.

Dubbed Superstruct, the six-week project went live on Monday. Anyone can play, and simply needs to register on the Superstruct site to begin.

First create a survival profile of an identity from 2019, then watch videos created by the Institute showing what planet Earth might be like 11 years from now. Next, pick one of five Superthreats to investigate: Quarantine, Ravenous, Power Struggle, Outlaw Planet and Generation exile.

Each of these contains bundles of information, made up of stories, videos and discussions. Once you've dug deeper, the idea is to write your own story detailing your survival.

After that comes the real aim of the game: making friends and building a Superstruct - an organisation that will tackle the Superthreat and save the world.

So, why should you play - other than to appear clever and show that you did understand science but just didn't try at school?

"Because you're curious about the future, because you want to make friends and collaborators all over the planet, because you want to learn how to become a future forecaster, and because you want to change the world," according to the Superstruct website.

Head over to that Superstruct website if you fancy a go.