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Pokémon Shining Pearl beaten in just 33 minutes

Glitch is super effective.

Pokémon Shining Pearl has been beaten in just 33 minutes only ten days after its release.

Speedrunner and content creator Werster has shared a video of him speedrunning the game, which is believed to be a world record for an 'any%' speedrun of the game.

Of course he uses plenty of glitches and tricks for this feat, skipping out trainer battles and even Elite Four challenges.

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Those glitches and tricks include the likes of turning the music volume to zero which stops jingles from loading; interrupting door opening animations to avoid other scripts starting (like battles and cutscenes); and using other interruptions to open multiple menus, surf over land and travel out of bounds.

Werster has listed the tricks here in a Q&A in which he describes the game as "very" busted.

You can watch the entire 33 minute run below.

Watch on YouTube

In other Diamond and Pearl remake news, fans think the new games hold a clue as to what to expect in the forthcoming Arceus.

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