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Pokémon Masters gets winter roadmap after dev apology for dull launch

Leader the way.

After addressing negative feedback about the game back in September, Pokémon Masters producers Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi have released a new update detailing some of the changes and improvements on the way.

November's updates will see Pokémon Masters increase the number of gems rewarded for certain tasks, like completing story and training events. The log-in bonus that started at the beginning of this month will now award up to 4200 gems too.

In the middle of the month there'll be a rally event that tracks player's progress and achievements in the game so far, this event will also have its own log-in bonus of gems and items.

At some point in December, the level cap for sync pairs will go up to 120 and courses will get a new difficulty level allowing players to obtain the items needed to unlock the cap.

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Developer DeNA has teased a new sync pair will be available to be scouted early in December, featuring a trainer and their legendary Pokémon in a new type of event. It seems like the December update will also include some quality of life changes, all of which can be seen here.

There'll be updates in January and February as well, including revamping training events, reworking EX Challenges to adjust their difficulty, and introducing a Battle Villa mode.

We'll hear from the producers again later this month to see some of the new content being added in December, but in the meantime they encourage players to contact the team through the feedback section in-game if you have any comments on the improvements.