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Pokémon Masters EX gets Dynamaxing

G-Max EX.

In the run-up to its two-year anniversary, Pokémon Masters EX will add the ability to Dynamax particular Pokémon.

Developer DeNA also announced that Hop and Zamazenta plus Sygna Suit Leon and Eternatus will debut in the game from today.

Dynamaxing was introduced to the Pokémon series in Sword and Shield. This game mechanic allows a Pokémon to grow in size, turning their attacks into powerful Max Moves.

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Going into further detail about its implementation in Pokémon Masters EX, DeNA said Max Moves can be used once at any time during battle. It will also cause various status effects.

Pokémon Masters EX has received a fair share of updates over the past year as part of quality of life improvements. The stamina requirement to play the game was removed for the main story, for example. Players can also now skip battles through skip tickets, and an improved filter menu lets players find sync pairs.

At the end of July, the final chapter of the game's story arc was added, which had been ongoing since the game's launch back in 2019.