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Pokemon Black & White 2 sells heaps and tons and millions in Japan

The region's most successful 2012 game by far.

The only game to sell more than one million copies on any platform in Japan this year is - drum roll - DS game Pokemon Black & White 2.

There's One Direction, the face of Pokemon, totally asking for it.

In two days, PBW2 as it isn't known, sold a fatso 1,618,621 copies, according to Enterbrain figures reported by Andriasang.

That's the third best start for a DS game ever.

But it's not as good as what the first Pokemon Black & White DS game managed - a staggering 2,637,285 million sales in two days back in 2010.

Pokemon Black & White 2 arrives in the UK this autumn, when the leaves turn a pretty colour.

The first Pokemon Black & White game was superb. "It reminds you what there was to love about Pokémon in the first place," declared Eurogamer's 9/10 review.

It was so good that X-Factor-birthed boy band One Direction played the game while on the toilet. Such antics soon made them the face of Pokemon. Let's hope they retain that status and we see more of them on our tellies!

An animated trailer for Pokemon Black & White 2!