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PlayStation reassures fans of single-player games as it launches new mobile game studios division

"Our efforts beyond console in no way diminish our commitment to the PlayStation community."

Sony has moved to reassure fans of its big budget single-player PlayStation games, as it announces a fresh PlayStation Studios Mobile Division.

Writing via the PlayStation blog, studios boss Hermen Hulst listed this year's various PS4 and PS5 games - "huge releases including Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, MLB The Show 22, and on November 9th, the highly anticipated God of War: Ragnarök" - as well as PlayStation VR2, to demonstrate its commitment to console gaming.

At the same time, Hulst announced Sony was acquiring Savage Game Studios, a mobile game team based in Berlin and Helsinki, and folding it into the new PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, which will "operate independently from our console development and focus on innovative, on-the-go experiences based on new and existing PlayStation IP".

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"As we assured you before with our plans to bring select titles to PC, our efforts beyond console in no way diminish our commitment to the PlayStation community, nor our passion to keep making amazing single-player, narrative-driven experiences," Hulst wrote.

"Our mobile gaming efforts will be similarly additive, providing more ways for more people to engage with our content, and striving to reach new audiences unfamiliar with PlayStation and our games."

Savage Game Studios will now work on a "new unannounced AAA mobile live service action game", Hulst concluded.

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