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PlayStation 5 finally gets VRR support in "coming months"

As party and app features roll out globally.

Sony is finally getting ready to add Variable Refresh Rate support for PS5 - which will arrive "in the coming months".

There's no clearer word on when exactly that might be and, of course, existing PS5 games will still need an update to natively support VRR.

However, an option will be available to apply VRR to unsupported games, though Sony has cautioned that this may not work perfectly, and you may decide to toggle this off.

Cover image for YouTube videoEurogamer Newscast: Sony's March PlayStation State of Play digested
Eurogamer Newscast: PlayStation's March State of Play digested.

"Please note that results may vary depending on the TV you're using and game you're playing," PlayStation exec Hideaki Nishino wrote in a PlayStation blog post. "As we get closer to the feature's release, we'll share more details, including some of the games that will enable VRR support through a game patch."

Here's how the PS5's VRR options will look.

A fresh system update today also brings various features which have been available for around a month to PlayStation software beta testers.

All PS5 owners will now be able to create open/closed parties, while US and UK account owners can try Voice Commands to control their console desktop and media using a microphone.

A refreshed PlayStation mobile app will see the option for open/closed parties there too, while the Remote Play app gets a dark mode.