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PlayStation 5 system software beta adds voice commands

"Hey! PlayStation!"

The latest PlayStation 5 system software beta goes live today for selected participants, including the ability talk to your PlayStation and search via voice.

Voice commands will be available at first to those testing the feature in the UK and US, and let you open the various games and apps on their consoles literally without lifting a finger.

Once the setting has been enabled, users will be able to call out "Hey! PlayStation!" and then vocally search for their desired media. However, the only language this is currently available in is English.

Alongside this PS5 beta, Sony is also offering PlayStation 4 users a beta experience of their own. As with the PS5 beta, PS4 players will now be able to access the Open Parties feature. There will also be the option to adjust the chat volume of individuals within a party (something already available on the PS5).

Sony said these beta features will be rolled out more widely later this year, although did not say exactly when.

Elsewhere, PlayStation has detailed new changes to party chat, the PS5 Game Base and accessibility settings.

The new party chat options will include the option to choose either an open or closed party when starting a party. There will also be an updated voice chat reporting feature and the ability to start Share Play directly from the voice chat card.

Meanwhile, the Game Base menu will be filtered into three tabs: Friends, messages and parties (formally voice chat). This is to enable easier access to each menu option. Additionally, a new 'decline' button has been introduced to the friend request list (much appreciated).

New PlayStation 5 UI options will allow players to filter their games by genre, making specific gaming experience easier to find. The number of apps and games that PS5 users can have on their home screen has increased to 14.

Meanwhile, the trophy UI will also be given a makeover, thanks to a visual design overhaul of trophy cards and the trophy list (oh, so shiny). The UI will also offer suggestions as to which trophies players should try and add to their collection next.

Most importantly, this latest beta will address some of the PlayStation 5's accessibility issues.

New languages have been added to the PS5's screen reader option. Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, and Korean will be added to the list, bringing the total number of languages supported through this feature to 15.

Finally, for those with unilateral hearing loss, this beta will provide the option to select mono audio for headphones. Additionally, when a setting is enabled in the settings menu, it will be depicted with a clear check mark.

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