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Play The Witcher 1 & 2 free on Steam this weekend

Or pay a paltry £3 for TW2, or £1.39 for TW1.

Both Witcher games are free to play (don't get that phrase confused) on Steam this weekend.

If you like them, they're dirt-cheap to buy as well: £2.99 for The Witcher 2, and £1.39 for The Witcher 1. Offer ends 18th February.

What a disgusting discount.

To play for free, head to the game's Steam page, scroll down and click the big "Free Weekend" button. Steam should do the rest.

There was a TV adaptation of The Witcher books called The Hexer. Apparently it was rubbish. But this guy loved it so much he turned it into a music video. Oh internet!Watch on YouTube

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