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Piyotama hits US PS Store

Egg-hatching drop puzzler.

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Sony has released JapanStudio's Piyotama puzzle game onto the PlayStation Store in the US, which means you can get it too if you've got the ability to pay for things in Monopoly money.

Priced at USD 2.99 (sadly there's no demo), Piyotama is a falling eggs puzzler where the round eggs bundle together in a Puzzle Bobble-style cluster at the bottom of the screen and the idea is to make diagonal lines of the same colour.

You can slide any individual line left or right and change the order of the three blocks on each end to try and influence the diagonals, or you can shake the Sixaxis pad up and down to try and jumble up the eggs. When four are aligned, a waggle also serves to speed up the hatching.

There are single-player and multi-player modes on offer and global leaderboards, and it all runs in 1080p - although we can't say this one is exactly hammering the RSX chip.

Expect a full write-up of Piyotama at some point in the future.

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