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Pillars of Eternity backer beta release date announced

Hope you have pun.

Playable Pillars of Eternity - finally! Obsidian has announced that the retro-styled role-playing game will go into beta for backers from 18th August.

The PC and Mac game has a broad release date of winter 2014 (suggesting December rather than January or February, but only time will tell).

Obsidian promised more beta detail in the next Eternity update - detail such as how to participate and, presumably, how much of the full game will be playable.

When Pillars of Eternity will be available in Early Access - and we know Obsidian intends it to be - is unknown.

Will Obsidian take cues from InXile, the Wasteland 2 developer it seems so friendly with? Wasteland 2 was in beta as long ago as December, and isn't due out until - coincidentally - August.

I'll get a chance to ask these questions and more to Pillars of Eternity leads Josh Sawyer and Brandon Adler next week. If you have a burning question, let me know.

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Take a look through our Pillars of Eternity walkthrough if you've come unstuck in Obsidian's old-school adventure.