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Physics-based cosmic strategy game Habitat funded for Xbox One

Successful Kickstarter effort also coming to PC, Mac and Linux.

Physic-based survival-in-space strategy game Habitat has just been funded on Kickstarter, ensuring the game will come to fruition on Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux.

Habitat was already announced as one of 25 games signed up with Microsoft as part of its self-publishing program ID@Xbox.

The game is set in a Battlestar Galactica-like universe where earth has been destroyed and the remaining off-world survivors must rebuild civilization by constructing a functional habitat out of junk floating in space. You'll be able to move your jerry-rigged structure about by strapping rockets to it and propelling it through the zero-gravity vacuum.

As you construct and upgrade your ramshackle space base, you'll have to do battle with enemy habitats. By destroying your foes' structures you'll be able to harvest their spare parts for your own dwellings.

Habitat's core game will be split up into two modes: a procedurally-generated free-roaming Sandbox option and a campaign mode in which you tackle a nano-machine army in hopes of salvaging what's left of earth.

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Developer 4gency was looking for $50K to fund Habitat and it currently has $51,231 with a week left before its 2nd May deadline. In the meantime, it's announced new stretch goals like modding support at $115K, a tower-defense mode at $125K, and an asymmetrical "dungeon master multiplayer" mode at $150K wherein one player controls events in the universe while the other attempts to complete their objective.

Prospective buyers can guarantee a copy of Habitat upon its estimated December release by pledging $20 towards the game. Right now that only includes the PC, Mac and Linux versions, but the developer noted that it's "still in discussion with the ID@Xbox team about how we can provide early copies - and full versions at launch - of the Xbox One version of the game", and that it will update its rewards once it's sure exactly what it can offer on Xbox One.

They've really made a monkey out of me.

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