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Space strategy game Habitat launches on Steam Early Access

That's no moon. That's space junk.

Space strategy game Habitat has launched on Steam as an Early Access title.

Habitat is a physics-driven sandbox space simulation game in which you build and fly space stations constructed from debris that orbits earth. There's exploration, resource management and elements of survival gameplay.

The Early Access build lets players explore a procedurally-generated orbital playing field and manage their engineers to build, rearrange and repair liveable habitats you create from the space junk.

You can also use rocket physics, boosters and steerable thrusters to get around, as well as experiment with lasers, grappling hooks and particle accelerators to cause as much chaos as possible.

Habitat is the work of Seattle-based indie developer 4gency, and is published by Versus Evil. It costs £10.99 / €14.99 / $14.99 and is available for PC, Mac and Linux. There's a Habitat 2-pack on offer, which includes an extra code. This costs £14.99.

"Habitat is a truly one of a kind experience and we think that people will love playing in this early sandbox version we've built," said 4gency founder Charles Cox.

"Gamers will be able to put some of the game's key gameplay mechanics to the test and we look forward to their feedback so we can shape the game into a fully featured space survival experience when it launches."

Cover image for YouTube videoHabitat E3 Trailer