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Phantom Dust launches free today on Xbox One, Windows 10

Hoover it up.

The new re-release of Phantom Dust will launch for free today on Xbox One and Windows 10, Microsoft has announced.

A four-player action game with combat customised by collectible cards, Phantom Dust was originally arrived on the first Xbox back in 2004. It also hosts a single-player campaign.

Sound confusing? It is a bit. Helpfully, Microsoft has published the following explainer:

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Phantom Dust is a Microsoft-developed game, directed by Panzer Dragoon's Yukio Futatsugi. And while it didn't find huge commercial success upon its original Xbox launch, it did become a favourite of Phil Spencer - then Microsoft Studios vice president, now boss of all Xbox.

There was an attempt at a sequel (confusingly also named Phantom Dust) which ultimately did not come to pass - and so, now, we're getting this re-release instead.

It's free, though. Will you give it a try?

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