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Phantom Dust is getting an HD remaster next year

Not to be confused with the cancelled remake.

Two years ago Microsoft announced a remake of Phantom Dust, the 2004 Xbox-exclusive card-based action-strategy game from Panzer Dragoon director Yukio Futatsugi. That project was cancelled last year shortly after Microsoft severed ties with the game's developer Darkside Game Studio. But now Phantom Dust has returned, albeit in a different form.

As revealed during Microsoft's E3 livestream, this new Phantom Dust is merely a remaster of the original game. Entitled Phantom Dust HD, this restoration will launch sometime in 2017.

Here's a brief snippet of how it's coming along:

There were plenty of other new game announcements during Xbox's conference, which you can read up on with our E3 guide.

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Phantom Dust

Xbox One, PC

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