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Peppa Pig goes globe-trotting in first World Adventures gameplay

Bacon Brits abroad.

Peppa Pig: World Adventures
Image credit: Outright Games

Here's the first gameplay trailer for Peppa Pig: World Adventures.

Putting Assassin's Creed to shame, Outright Games' Peppa Pig: World Adventures sees Peppa and fam explore Italy, Germany, Spain, England, Australia and even Hollywood - all in one video game.

Peppa can explore the ocean in a submarine, ride a yellow taxi in New York City and visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Buckingham Palace in London.

And - get this - Peppa can customise her own family home, which, as a parent of two young children, I can say with some certainty does not sound like a good idea.

Oink oink saveloy! Here's the first gameplay trailer for Peppa Pig: World AdventuresWatch on YouTube

Peppa Pig: World Adventures is the follow-up to 2021's successful My Friend Peppa Pig, which Eurogamer (me) covered extensively. And with good reason! Not only did My Friend Peppa Pig get a next-gen update, but it ended up in Game Pass. Influential.

Although, I will issue a word of caution to Outright Games: World Adventures is your second Peppa Pig game in two years, which is dangerously close to milking Peppa a bit too much. Wait, that's not a pig pun, is it?

Peppa Pig: World Adventures launches 17th March on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.