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Actual gameplay footage of the Peppa Pig game


Forget that other trailer for that other thing that just dropped - the new trailer for the Peppa Pig game is where all the cool kids are hanging out.

My Friend Peppa Pig, which I have actually covered before on this website, is an upcoming video game in which you become Peppa's new friend and do various bits and bobs together.

The video below is My Friend Peppa Pig's story trailer and, reassuringly, features ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE. I don't think we need to worry about a downgrade with this one.

Cover image for YouTube videoMy Friend Peppa Pig - Story Trailer

As a father of two young children, I'm buying My Friend Peppa Pig. It looks just like the show, it has the official voice of Peppa(!) and it seems pretty easy going. My kids will love it.

I wonder if there's a mini-game in which you have to time manage Miss Rabbit's many jobs, doing enough work to make ends meet as part of a scathing commentary on the gig economy?

Perhaps not.

My Friend Peppa Pig comes out 22nd October on PC and consoles.