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Pentiment's Andreas now playable in Inkulinati

One for the history books.

Obsidian's Pentiment and Inkulinati from Yaza Games both share a similar medieval-inspired painterly art style. So a crossover almost seemed inevitable.

Now it's actually happened, as Yaza Games announced that Andreas from Pentiment is playable in its ink-based strategy game about farting donkeys.

Andreas is playable in both the Journey mode and in Duels.

Inkulinati Announcement TrailerWatch on YouTube

Pentiment players will recognise Andreas as the protagonist of the game - an apprentice who embarks on something of a murder mystery.

Inkulinati, meanwhile, is all about living ink, with scribes drawing a variety of animal chums to battle with, using bows, swords, and, erm, wind.

Both games share a similar aesthetic and sense of humour, so it makes sense these games would meet in the middle (ages).

Pentiment was well-received when it released at the end of last year. We described it as a "brilliant narrative adventure that is filled with intelligence and heart" in our Pentiment review, awarding it a Recommended badge.

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