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PC Lost and Damned Achievements seen

GTAIV DLC no longer 360 exclusive?

The list of Achievements in Grand Theft Auto IV on PC has been updated to include those from downloadable add-on The Lost and Damned.

TLAD: One Percenter, TLAD: The Lost Boy, TLAD: Easy Rider, TLAD: Get Good Wood and TLAD: Full Chat were spotted by GTA4.net.

Their appearance suggests that Rockstar is finally ready - or finally able, contractually - to offer GTAIV DLC on platforms other than Xbox 360.

Rockstar has not responded to our request for comment.

We wouldn't advise PS3 owners to hold their breath just yet.

Rockstar recently released a second bulky batch of DLC for GTAIV dubbed The Ballad of Gay Tony. We gave deserved praise.

Rockstar also bundled TLAD and BOGT together on one retail disc as standalone adventures that do not require GTAIV to play. We gave more deserved praise.

How much more life DLC can breathe into GTAIV, released April 2008, remains to be seen.