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Payday 2 DLC takes aim at Battlefield

Honour among thieves?

The Payday 2 website has been updated with news of another upcoming DLC pack, but you may be forgiven for thinking you've clicked through to a different game by mistake. The page is a pretty spot-on parody of EA and DICE's Battlefield series, right down to the logo, glowing orange and teal colour scheme and pounding soundtrack.

Looks familiar.

It's an apparently playful jab - "this is us at Overkill tipping our hats to a fellow Swedish game developer" says producer Almir Listo - but it's surely no coincidence that Battlefield: Hardline opts for a cops and robbers setting that puts it in direct competition with Overkill's flawed but thrilling multiplayer heist series.

The DLC itself isn't particularly noteworthy - the Gage Assault Pack offers 4 new guns, 4 melee weapons, 28 mods, 4 masks, plus new materials and patterns for those with a DIY fetish. It also adds another 10 achievements. But thanks to its cheeky advertising, no doubt less discerning games websites will cover this minor release for the sake of a cheap headline, and they'll probably also slavishly mention that the DLC is out on Steam from Thursday 4 September without even realising they've been tricked into...