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Papers, Please mobile port due out next month


Wonderful indie hit Papers, Please is coming to mobile phones - nearly a decade after it launched first on PC.

Creator Lucas Pope, who went on to create the equally brilliant Return of the Obra Dinn, announced the mobile version of Papers, Please over the weekend with a 5th August release date.

In Papers, Please you play as a border control agent for a fictional Eastern Bloc country, and must balance formal immigration checks with the emotional guilt-trip of turning away the starving and needy.

"It's hard to call such a nerve-shredding experience 'fun'," Dan Whitehead wrote in Eurogamer's Papers, Please review, "but it is absorbing, brilliantly written and causes you to question your every instinct and reaction - both in the game and in real life."

Let's Play Papers Please - Late to the Party.Watch on YouTube

Pope answered a handful of questions about the mobile port: it's a paid app (it's also an update for the 2014 iPad version), iOS 11 is the minimum supported version, and there's no zooming.

"I did my best to make it work comfortably on such small screens," Pope said in a tweet.

Papers, Please is one of my favourite games of the last decade. In 2019, as part of Eurogamer's Games of the Decade series, I wrote how Papers, Please's immigration takedown was more powerful now than ever.

Papers, Please was one of my Games of 2013, too.

As you can probably tell, I'm going to get Papers, Please on mobile.

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