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PAL PlayStation Stores updated

Two demos, still no Everyday or PAIN.

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This week's PAL PlayStation 3 Store update is headlined by demos of FIFA Street 3 and Sony's own NBA game, while the there's no let-up in premium downloadable content either thanks to a Folklore "Visions of the Tower" pack (GBP 1.49).

That's about all you can really get excited about, mind you, unless you're a Guitar Hero III fan excited about catching up on content Xbox Live received before Christmas. Available to you today are three individual songs by Trust ("Antisocial"), Die Fantastischen Vier ("Ernten War Wir Säen") and Extremoduro ("So Payaso"), all of which cost GBP 1.49, along with a Warner Track Pack featuring Linkin Park's "No More Sorrow", Mastadon's "Sleeping Giant" and The Used's "Pretty Handsome Awkward".

Beyond that there are trailers for a pair of Gearbox Software titles - Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway and Borderlands - and another trailer for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, which we recently went hands-on with following its Japanese release.

You can also download a trailer for Paramount Pictures' film Cloverfield. Disappointingly, said trailer is also the only update of any sort on the PSP's PC-based online store.

So, still no Everyday Shooter, then, despite our great hopes, and still no PAIN. Sony has hinted that PixelJunk Monsters may be released here next week or on 31st January, so let's hope the folks in certification or wherever are burning the midnight oil.

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