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P.T. remade in Half-Life: Alyx is as terrifying as you'd expect

Silent thrills.

Someone has remade P.T. in Half-Life: Alyx and it's as terrifying as you'd expect.

Modder AmbientDruth took Valve's VR-exclusive, stripped out all that is City 17 and replaced it with the horror of Hideo Kojima's endless corridor. PC Gamer pointed to a playthrough of the mod by YouTuber William McMahon and, yeah... good luck with that.

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AmbientDruth has added almost everything that was in the original playable teaser, including the radio ambience, the red corridor ending and Lisa's audio. But there's more to come in future updates, including a flashlight, punishments for "bad deeds" such as breaking bottles, and Easter eggs.

P.T. is still sitting on my base PlayStation 4 harddrive, and given Konami has pulled it from the PlayStation Store, it'll stay there. With Kojima's planned Silent Hills project done and dusted, there are fresh hopes Konami will return to the series. "We cannot share anything at this point," a Konami spokesperson told Eurogamer back in January, "but we are listening to customer feedback and considering ways to provide the next title."

Grab AmbientDruth's PT mod for Half-Life: Alyx from Steam Workshop.

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