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P.T. no longer available for re-download in the US

Still working in Europe, but for how long?

P.T., Kojima Productions' playable teaser for its now defunct Silent Hills project, is no longer available to re-download in the US, even if you had it in your library.

The P.T. baby will soon laugh its last laugh, and cry its last cry.

This was not the case when we attempted to re-download it last week, much to Ian's relief. But according to Polygon and several posters on NeoGAF, the option to re-download it no longer functions in the US.

You'll still see it in your library, but selecting "download" results in an error message. For shame.

Thankfully, Polygon noted that European PSN users are still able to re-download the game - a fact confirmed a few minutes ago on NeoGAF - though there's no telling how long that will last. Perhaps it's tied to the PSN store update, which is on Tuesdays in the US and Wednesdays in Europe.

We've requested comment from Konami about this and will update as we hear back.

In the meantime, if you're one of the few folks who had P.T. before but deleted it for space reasons (or your PS4 broke), I'd jump on re-downloading that pronto as it could be gone for good at any moment. Then those P.T.-carrying PS4s on ebay may actually be worth something.

Image courtesy of Polygon.

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